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  • Jaco Kennel recommends clients use Angel Eyes to help control a dog’s tear stains, a condition known as epiphora. Continue reading to learn more about epiphora and Angel Eyes.

    Many people wonder why some dogs’ and cats’ eyes water, which causes a stain on the fur just below their eyes. This condition is called epiphora and it occurs when the facial hair is wet from excess tearing.  This excess moisture is the breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. Not only is it unsightly but may be very irritating to your pet. The staining may also emit a moderate to a noticeably strong odor. Tear staining can be traced to health and diet, as well as genetics.

    Until recently, these reddish-brown stains were hard to eliminate completely. Here are some helpful tips to improve your pets well being:
    • Keep your pet healthy: Have your pet checked at least twice a year by your veterinarian for ear infections and ear mites, gum infections, common yeast or bacterial infections of the eye, and for clogged tear ducts.
    • Maintain your pet’s diet: Artificial food colorings, food additives, preservatives, and cereals such as wheat can cause allergies in cats and dogs that may produce tear stains. Check your pet’s for face rubbing, licking of front paws, head shaking, and ear inflammation as these are common signs of allergies. Water minerals can also add to tear staining. Try serving your pet only filtered water in a stainless steel bowl.
    • Keep your pet’s eyes clean: Hair in the eyes can cause infections and irritation. Eyelashes can grow at abnormal angles and rub on the eye. Check your pet’s eyes regularly for any issues. Also check for collected dust, stray hairs, and dried tears. Any foreign matter in the eye is likely to lead to tear stains.
    • Hygiene: Keep your pet’s eyes clean. Always wash your hands before and after touching the area around a pet’s eyes. Wash your pet frequently. Make sure you comb them first before washing to remove any knots or matted fur. Keep the shampoo out of their eyes to avoid irritation.
    Use Angel Eyes daily: Angel Eyes is safe to use daily and will clear the tearing better than any other product we’ve experienced at Jaco Kennel. on the market. For optimal results, use Angels Eyes daily as specified in the directions. To ensure that your dog will remain stain-free, reduce Angel Eyes from daily to 4 times a week after 3 months of daily use.