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    Full of love and playful spunk, Coton de Tulear puppies make great companions for a family. 

    The Coton de Tulear — pronounced “co-TAWN-day too-LEE-are” — hails from the island of Madagascar and are widely regarded as intelligent, easy-to-train train pooches that are highly devoted to their owners. 
    Ranging from 9 to 15 pounds, the Coton de Tulear’s kind, eager-to-please demeanor makes them excellent additions to any family. Here are five reasons why you should consider a Coton de Tulear puppy for your family.

    Coton de Tulear are adaptable

    With a playful and amiable disposition, Coton de Tulear can thrive in almost any family environment, including among individuals, children, and seniors as well as other dogs and cats. The breed’s name derives from the French word for cotton, a nod to the breed’s soft, cotton-like coat that’s perfect for snuggling. ‘Tulear’ refers to the city of the breed’s origin in Madagascar. Their small size also allows them to fit into most any lifestyle.

    Great for allergies

    While there’s no such thing as a 100% allergen-free dog, the Coton de Tulear is considered hypoallergenic. Coton de Tulear dogs do not shed and are therefore a great choice for a family with a person that suffers from allergies. Cotons are popular for people with allergies, however, it’s recommended that you meet and spend time with a few different de Tulear dogs before deciding your allergies can endure. 

    Loveable temperament 

    Coton de Tulear puppies love people and thrive on human affection. The breed is known to be an easygoing snuggle buddy, as well as an energetic play pal that can get silly once comfortable with its family. 
    Cotons are social, energetic dogs and their playful nature makes them great kiddo companions so long as your children are respectful. Before welcoming any dog to the family, teach your children how to approach and touch dogs, and be sure to supervise their interactions. Cotons, however, are not watchdogs — unless an intruder is deterred by licking.

    Small but not fragile

    Coto de Tulear come in a tiny package but are well-built, agile, and tough. They’re happy to romp with children, play in the snow or rain as well as swim and go on brisk walks. Coton de Tulear are also relatively small, which makes them great travel buddies. 

    An intelligent breed

    Coton de Tulear are exceptionally smart, easy to train, and respond well to praise, playfulness, and food. Cotons can learn many tricks and are remarkably responsive to humans. Cotons create strong bonds with their family members and prefer to be in their company. 
    While you should first introduce your pup to its environment, it’s recommended you start training your Coton immediately after bringing her home to create ground rules, including where to go to the bathroom. Like all dogs, Cotons need early socialization with other dogs and environments. Socialization helps make sure your Coton grows up to be a happy, healthy dog.

    Our Coton de Tulear puppies

    Adding a puppy into your family is a big decision and we’re happy to help. If you have any more questions, please e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at 918-456-6731.

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